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I’m Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). I’m passionate about fighting climate change and the mother of two wonderful young ladies. Click here to see my full profile.

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  1. Doña Christiana:

    Saludos desde Costa Rica, me permito por este medio presentarme, mi nombre es Sebastián, soy estudiante de las carreras de economía y derecho, aparte de eso, soy un creyente de las ideologías de su padre, un gran admirador de la labor que él hizo por nuestro país y por supuesto de la enorme tarea que está realizando usted ahora mismo por el mundo. Con toda honestidad, me dirijo hacia usted porque estoy interesado en un proyecto que puede marcar una diferencia en un sector de este país, para lo cual quería solicitarle una colaboración que no tomará de su tiempo un espacio mayor a 5 minutos y que no tendrá ningún costo económico para su persona. De ser posible le agradezco que me lo comunique en la medida de lo que le sea posible. Mi correo es: chinchilla0712@hotmail.com o por este medio. Termino agradeciéndole por la labor que usted empeña en favor de este planeta y terminando con una frase que quizá le resulte familiar (dado que es de su autoría)

    “Cuando los ciudadanos se sienten inspirados para actuar, es más fácil que los gobiernos tomen las decisiones que tienen que tomar”

    • thank you,all news.what can I do? my proposal(human,co2,koyto protocal,energy,food,water)
      I am a poor inventioner.I want talk to UNCCC about THE earth is dying.2013.10.14 my coment
      send.no answer.say it again UNFCCC of answer.I can solve. the problems(human,co2,earth warmming is stop,energy,food,water.electronic car system…) I need help UNFCCC.answer
      is my government president.

      • Thank you.Daer Christiana Figueres UNFCCC.your video,news,answer… I want meeting-my
        government president. you are vist KOREA.I see news.tel:82-032-655-0339.USA Solar Company not contact.IPCC send e-mail.If you are really earth love,human……KOREA-GCF.
        Happy new year. I am waiting you answer. TOYOTA,FORD,SONNY,CHAENA,EU…MY IDEA
        my really project.say again thank you very mouch

  2. Dear Ms. Figueres,
    I am the president of the Southampton Town Democratic Club on eastern Long Island. I recently attended a League of Women Voters Conference on Violence Against Women at the United Nations and was taken by the good work that is being done. Also, I receive the UN Wire and saw this article about you and your efforts on climate change. The Democratic Club – which is not exclusive to Democrats and welcomes those of all political persuasions – holds monthly breakfast meetings from 10:00 AM to noon, generally on Saturdays but occasionally on Sundays (noon to 2:00 PM) as well. We invite interesting speakers on topics related to the environment or social and political issues.

    Would you have an interest in coming out to the lovely Hamptons some weekend to meet from 50-100 people, depending on the day and the time of year, to speak on the work that you are doing at the UN? It would be such an honor for us to meet you if we could entice you out here.

    The website for the Democratic Club is http://www.shdemclub.com. Under About Us – History you would be able to see some of the subjects and speakers we have had in the past.

    Thank you again for your good work and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warmest regards,
    Joy Flynn, President, JP Spata Southampton Town Democratic Club

      • Hello, Christiana, This is Larry Thomas, friend of your family and teacher at Lincoln. I’ve been trying to make contact with you for some time. Have I finally found a connection?

  3. That would be such an honor if you could arrange that when you’re in New York. I didn’t realize you’re based in Bonn! I so look forward to hearing from you.
    Mil gracias!

  4. Hi, Mrs figueres how can i know what is the position of unfccc about Geoengineering, please can you help with a link o articules from unfccc positions, this importan for one job of my university


  5. If you are researcher you should find out its solution yourself. On the other hand, we should be aware that such solution of Science & Technology should be proved by Challenging UNFCCC rather to write personally. What are problems we know very well but we can blame on System rather one person?

    • Hi Any one Greetings. I Have done my MASTER OF Science in “Sustainable Water Sanitation Health and Development From COMSATS University Abbottabad Pakistan”. i am looking for a fully funded scholarship in WASH Development Field .if you please support and guide me in searching of this fully funded scholarship i will be much gratitude to you on this kindness.
      Love and Looking Forward to your kind soonest kind response
      Muhammad Wasif Bashir Babar

  6. Hi Mrs Figueres,
    I Have received an e-mail indicating that I contact prof. Clarke. I wish to inquire about the Authenticity of this e-mail received in my yahoo account on 13th November, 2013.

    I will be pleased to receive your feedback.

    • Ms. Figueres, I am most grateful to be chosen as a winner in your lottery. I have sent off my details, and hope to see the money soon. With it, I will be able to dig a well for my small community to share, except for the man who lives on the corner who mistreats his dogs. They are hungry and bark all the time but they rarely bite. I do not understand why he does this.

      When all have water, we will praise the work of yourself and Prof. Clarke in helping those who are less fortunate. May God bless you and your organization for your service to humanity.

      M. N’gono Pradesh Yong.

  7. Saludos Sra.Christiana Figueres:Quiero presentarle para su consideración algunos proyectos que al ser aplicados ayudarán a reducir la contaminación y por ende,el calentamiento global. Ver pág:www.wix.com/corpgutierrezcastill/corp#! En espera de su grata respùesta.Atte.Oscar Barquisimeto,Estado Lara,República Bolivariana de Venezuela.

  8. Dear Christiana Figures,what do you want? your blog of my comment is say.your no answer me.
    no reply.My presidet(PARK GEUN HYE) Contac.or about 2014year KOREA SONG DO meet.
    your comment my e-mail:a6511339@nate.com send.THANK you.

    • GCF-SONGDO,NEWS,Ms Hela Cheikhrouhou,Executive Director,stated:The office opening is
      both a symbolic and practical demonstration that the Fund is ready for business. The Fund will
      be a dynamic and innovative driver to combat climate change,so it is highly appropriate that our
      headquarters will be in a new green building,located in the heart of technologially innovative
      Songdo” I want meet Ms Hela Cheikhrouhou.Why? UNFCCC far away.for climate change.
      and the earth alive,humun being alive. my idea sample is make.I need UNFCCC help(meeting)
      I location songdo closely.If UNFCCC meet Ms Hela and me, co2 reduction, the Fund an alternative(idea,plan,proposal,process) consult about climate change and the earth warming
      stop.a letter of inquiry.please.Thak you UNFCCC.

      • Hi,dear,Christiana Figueres.2014 Investor Summit on Climate Risk-I see.energy solution,energy
        efficiency,clean technology.My blog is a6511339.wordpress.com/ .Partnership between the
        UNFCCC Secretarist and the Private Sector.VI.SUBMISSION-momentum@unfccc.int
        My idea sample make-AUTO ENERGY CHARGING SYSTEM,Electronic car system,energy
        charge system,water system,Human alive system.the best of best Regards.I am call you.

  9. Your longing to suspend democracy and emulate the despot human rights country China in order to fight your ‘invisible dragon’ global warming is pathetic and disgusting.
    You may wish to bring back the days of the Stasi to try achieve your personal eco-facist ideology, but the majority of freedom loving people will rightly tell you to go-to-hell with it madam.

    • @Steven, I’m with you in some ways, but did you have to be so blunt?
      Christiana has already admited that the ‘Climate Change’ drum beat is less about protecting the Earth’s ecology and more about destroying Capitalism. Christiana is a mouth piece for the Banksters. Her style of speaking is no different than that of a salesman. She actually borrowed the status of one of her offspring who hapens to be a Stanford Graduate to boister her credibility. The only discernable qualification with Christiana is that she can flap her mouth just like Bush Junior to sell the globalist agenda of Socialism. Unlikely that the BRICS will go along. They know that Global Warming and now Climate Change are a fraud. Christiana’s concerns on overpopulation are justified not because of supposed Climate Change but because overpopulation is the cause of brother fighting brother and the primary source suffering at the hands of Government with all their legislation under the direction of the Banksters that see everyone including Christiana as their slave. Christiana has zero knowledge about where the Earth’s water and atmosphere came from nor is she aware that the prevelant renewable energy technologies, solar and wind farm turbines, are failed cash cows for and by the fossil fuel energy companies. She has never heard of James McCanney and his distributed Wing Generator system that can be produced locally in all regions around the globe at low cost that produces more energy consistently than conventional renewable technologies. She has never heard of James McCanney’s idea of tapping into the Ionosphere for limitless energy nor even draining Yellowstone lake to prevent a calamity that would send mankind to the Stone Age. She has never studied historical climate data on ice cores showing a cycle that repeats every 100,000 years where the Earth enters a cooling phase as the Earth is now in. Christiana is unaware that large planet-sized comets are responsible for ushering-in ice ages. On and on ….

  10. Dear Mrs. Figueres,

    I am the external affairs coordinator of a student association AWAke (Association for World Affairs), based in Tilburg University, in the Netherlands. Every year we organize and host an inter-faculty symposium for all the university students. This year, the topic is the Environment and Sustainability, which will be approached from economic, juridical, and purely environmental points of view. It is clear that now more than ever, it is important to raise awareness about this issue, and we were wondering if you would be willing to come to the university, hosted as a guest speaker? I know this is a lot to ask as I am sure you have a very busy schedule, but I think you would be perfect to convince people who do not care as much as they should to start caring a little more. The symposium is currently scheduled for April 2nd (or possibly 3rd if you are more available). I would like to thank you in advance for reading this, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    Kind Regards,

    Helene Marie Kratz

  11. Dear Mrs. Figueres, from my experience in writing a blog with climate change topics popular for the past 4 years, I believe that you would be wise to take more care in statements that can be miss-used by climate change deniers. For instance, our resident denier put out an email to our department weather & climatologists at Univ. of Washington, Seattle, to say ” The extreme cold over North America this winter was “very strange” so it must have been caused by global warming’s cousin climate change according to the U.N.’s climate change chief Christiana Figueres. She regards her work not just as important, but as “sacred.” This appears to be more proof that climate change has left the realm of science and turned into a new religion.”
    I’m certain that your climate change knowledge is not faith-based, but it is true that a scientist would not use a term like “sacred”.
    Cheers, RA Brown: http://blog.seattlepi.com/robertbrown/

    • @Robert A Brown, please do take a look at this URL: http://www.planetseed.com/relatedarticle/temperature-change-history

      Christiana likes to equate steep CO2 increase with less than 1 degC temperature variation in the northern hemisphere since the year 0 AD.ignoring Global Temperatures going back 425,000 years that naturaly vary 12 degC keeping in mind that the Earth is currently near the top of that range and is headed downward to much cooler average temperatures.

      Christiana doesn’t realize that CO2 increase is actually good for plant life and that most of the CO2 increase remains within the Troposphere.

      A CO2 decrease where the CO2 sinks into the ground would spell the end of life on Earth as the plants would die out and all animals that depend on plant life including, of course, man.

      Christiana worships Simple Simon Silly Science.

  12. Ms. Figueres.
    I thank you for being approachable, and for answering your emails. This by itself is very commendable.
    A couple of weeks ago our group met with the DOE and the EPA and CURC and members of congress and of senate to discuss our environment. It appeared to be very positive, but we are dealing with DC politicians. I hate to say “forked tongue”, but maybe their desire is a better translation.
    We the Team at (SidelSystems.com) want to show America the proof, but it seems so hard for the government to truly and accept that it might be / is on the floor wanting to show. We want to show the big number reductions capable for America.

  13. Dear Mrs Figueres,
    I have received an e-mail indicating contact to prof. Michael Clarke. I wish to inquire about the authenticity of this e-mail. I have received it on my e-mail account on 15th April 2014

    Thank you in advance for the answer

    dr. Andrzej Waloszek
    Dept. of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
    Fac. of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology
    Jagiellonian University
    Gronostajowa 7
    30-387 Krakow

  14. Anyone who knowing the historical data of environmental nightmare in the former Soviet bloc countries, even mentions such a possibility as a solution to any natural world problems, should be directly send to the lunatic asylum.
    Prof. dr. Teresa Kwiatkowska (born in paradise of communist Poland, living and working on environmental issues in Mexico city)

    • Christiana, have I made contact with you? It’s Larry Thomas, ex Lincoln teacher. I’d like to exchange a few greetings with you and your family.

  15. Media release

    The Mathematics of God, General Mathematics, The Mathematics of the Bible, Understanding the Bible, A Third of God’s Teaching Lost, the Second Coming, Churches’ Responsible for Modern Problems etc. A Great Conspiracy?

    I have written a book on General Mathematics and on applying it to the Bible found that a similar mathematics of concepts was used to construct the Bible. This is not surprising as mathematics, as we know it, is quite ‘recent’ and the Bible is ancient.

    The ‘template fit’ of the book with the Bible is uncanny and ‘proves’ that the Ancients or God ‘knew’ what they were doing by including the three Laws of Life, but over the last two thousand years, one third of the teachings have been ‘lost’ by the Church, but is still reflected in the Bible and in the Trinity. Is this an oversight or a huge conspiracy on the part of the Churches? This is (possibly) a very important omission and perhaps should be brought to the public notice for comment.

    Further, this omission, has resulted in the Churches ignoring the ‘unforgivable sin’, and if God’s teachings were better understood or the Church more forward looking, the planet and people might not be in the parlous state that they are and approaching an Armageddon through Global Warming, over-population etc.

    If you are interested, or know someone that might be interested in this subject and would like a copy of the Afterword (8 pages) of an unpublished book, that contains this example, please send the relevant email address. Regards Darryl

    • @Darryl, Have you had a chance to read the Billy Meier Contact Reports? Won’t ever look at a Bible or any religious book ever again!

  16. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog.
    A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  17. Dear Ma’am:

    I just want to inform you that someone might be using your name without your knowledge. I received an email dated June 28 2014 informing me that UNFCCC is giving me a very huge grant. I found the selection process to be suspicious.

    Thank you.

  18. Now that the UNFCCC website is officially a US government website I do not expect to see the cumulative carbon dioxide emissions of the United States of America on your pages any time any where. How sad that you have allowed one country to ruin the good intentions of humanity. Though perhaps you would say the rest of the OECD are also to blame. Yes, I understand that there is such a concept as the West. But the US overpowered them long ago. Now it is the rest of the world’s turn. And you just sit back and watch idly, and allow the UNFCCC to be turned into a laughing stock of humanity.

  19. 21th July i received strange message from prof michael clarke. This said that i won $900000 from UNFCCC. I want to now is it real or not. If possible – answer on my email – vspeed34@gmail.com(i received message on other email)

    • Dear Mrs Christiana F. , I also received same email. This aslo said I won $900000 from UNFCCC. Could you tell me this information is real or just liar. Please send to me through email nhipt.hus@gmail.com or comment above. Thank you so much!

  20. Hello Christiana;
    I am a fully qualified Energy Engineer.
    Have you ever studies thermodynamics?
    It is science of creating force from heat.
    It is used in steam systems to make electricity.
    The Rankine steam system used is a very wasteful system.
    It wastes 1/2 the energy put into the steam.
    I have invented a system which will utilize 100% of the energy going into the steam.
    This will reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by a factor of 1/2 or more.
    This Rankine steam system is the biggest producer of CO2 in the world.
    This is a very important scientific discovery.
    You should learn about it.

    Norman Dashevsky
    Vancouver, Canada

  21. Dear Ms. Figueres,
    Having tripped across your blog here accidentally while searching for a way to reach out to you, I wanted to leave you a note to say that you have long been an inspiration for me in my career and to many women in the field of sustainability. It was after hearing you speak that I made a full commitment to my career path and have now become the Co-Chair of Green Leaders Summit, while also consulting with leading organizations on urban sustainability solutions. As I step further out onto a broader international platform, bringing together some of the world’s leading minds, I keep your voice in my head as inspiration.
    I hope in the near future that our paths may cross and if there is a way we may honor you at Green Leaders Summit 2015 (Co-Hosted with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project): http://www.greenleaders2015.com, we would very much like to have you join us on this road to Paris in this important working summit. I hope somehow to reach you and more officially invite you. We have had some difficulty in contacting you via email, but our speaker committee chair is working through our channels. I simply wanted here to say THANK YOU for the impressive work you do!
    With Sincere Regards,
    Alexandra Sokol
    Co-Chair Green Leaders Summit
    Co-FOunder of Ecotelligence™, Inc.

  22. estimada senora la escribo desde panama estoy interesado en saber si la comision de trabajo que usted dirije es la encargada de certificar el sello verde concretamente para un puerto si no le rogaria me dijera que departamento de la onu es el encargado y con quien puedo hablar gracias anticipadas eduardo esteban

  23. Dear Christina Figueres,
    We currently have a mechanism which can arrest global temperature rise. This is new and not already known outside a small industry sector.
    You may confirm my credentials and bona-fides with JM Figures.
    Many Thanks.
    E Holohan

    • Is it possible to make a personal comment to Christiana Figueres this way? I’m an old friend of hers from years ago in Costa Rica. I can be reached at _Laurencewt@aol.com_ (mailto:Laurencewt@aol.com) Thank you, Larry Thomas

  24. Dear ms. Figueres,

    On the 5th of March the entire energy market will come together for the fourth edition of the All Energy Day.

    The All Energy Day is an event on our future energy supply. The goal of the day is to bring organizations, students, science en politics together for excitement and activation on the topic of energy. The All Energy Day gives every voice of the energy world a chance to get on a stage and discuss their vision.

    This year the fourth edition will be organized as an initiative of the Delft University of Technology. With the main topic “Innovation for the next Generation” we want to stress the future of energy supply and expect around 500 participants. The event will be hosted by the Fokker Terminal in the Hague, the Netherlands. For more information I would like to refer to http://allenergyday.nl/en/.

    To kick-off the day we were looking for you! A more inspiring and on-topic speaker cannot be wished for. We would really love to have you as our key note speaker.

    Of course, we would like to elaborate a little more on the All Energy Day. What is the best way to get in touch?

    Kind regards,

    Coen Ottevanger
    All Energy Day 2015

  25. The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) is the main organization representing brazilian industry and, in 2012, it launched the CNI Sustainability Meetings which focus on the new tendencies and business opportunities for environmental and global themes.

    In 2015, the focus of our meeting will be Climate Change: pathways towards a low-carbon global economy. The event will be in Rio de Janeiro on 3rd September 2015. We would very much appreciate your participation as a key note speaker in the panel on International Strategies.

    These meetings are opened by a presentation from a speaker which is followed by thematic panels where participants from governemnts, agencies, companies and universities engage in an open debate facilitated by a journalist.

    We would be delighted with your participation. Please let us know if you have any interest but also availability on the above date.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours faithfully

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  28. It’s a slow process, but educating all people equally would ne a good start. — Larry Thomas, Colegio Lincoln

  29. She may have had Tim Lovett, an American from Arkansas, but turnover at Lincoln School brought teachers in an out frequently.

  30. On the world population issue, you did not mention that the vast majority of the World’s population makes less than $2/day so that they have zero effect on the climate. Nevertheless, population has a direct impact on conflict arising from regional availibility of food and water resources much of which is now property of the power brokers of the world for their interests and profit regardless of the birthright of man already living in those regions. To date, I have seen no program that brings awareness to the issue of overpopulation. Instead, there have been deliberate wars and forced sterilization and vacination to destroy populations especially where Governments are easily bought and too weak militarily to defend the interests of their populations.

    You mentioned countries that are sinking without producing evidence of where all this extra water is coming from? The data shows ice content at the poles to be increasing if not steady.The Earth’s water and atmosphere were brought here by the passage of large comets. Recently, it was found that the planet Mars has increased it’s atmosphere after a comet approached within proximity to that planet. This increase in Mars atmosphere has been documented for the last four decades. In a similar way, the Earth continues to receive water and gases as it travels through space. Scientist James McCanny has been writing about it for decades.

  31. Hi! Are you aware about the geoengineering that is in full speed all over the world that is done by spraying chemicals from aeroplanes? This is something that is changing our climate very fast. Please, see the pages for more information by Dane Wigington http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/cloud-cover-a-documentary-on-climate-engineering/ This is happening everywhere…the sun is blocked regularly here in Finland too. Please take this as you are against the horrible climate change.

  32. Am I getting through to you? I’d love to hear from you or any of the Fifueres family. I taught at Colegio Lincoln and remember yoou all. — Larry Thomas

  33. I don’t even know how I finished up here, but I believed this put up was once great.
    I don’t recognise who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous
    blogger if you are not already. Cheers!

  34. I taught your sister and brother at Lincoln. Dona Karen entertained our church group at your home, on trips to watch turtles lay their eggs, and other activities. — Larry Thomas

  35. Appreciating the time and effort you put into your
    blog and detailed information you provide. It’s nice to come across a blog every once
    in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material.
    Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including
    your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  36. Hi Chrisiana! Larry Thomas here. I taught at Colegio Lincoln year ago. My love to you and all your family

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